Group Customers

The Group applies scientific standards in agriculture commencing from the choice of land, seeds fertilizers, chemicals and agricultural equipment to obtain high-quality of agricultural products in conformity with the global standards, deal with world companies in the field of agricultural manufacture and export to the world markets, some of our main customers are mentioned as follows:

  • Local Clients

    • Chipsy For Food Industries- PepsiCo
    • The International Company for Agricultural Development – Farm Frites
    • Egypt Foods
    • Olam Dehydro Foods
    • Upper Egypt Mills
    • Owainate Oasis Co.
    • Senorita Co.
  • Foreign Clients

    • Mandrakos Co.      (Greece)
    • Schaap Holland B.V       (Netherland)
    • DG imports        (UK)
    • Brantina S.L        (Spain)
    • Benu Development GmbH      (Lithuania)
    • Soeyfan      (Lebanon)
    • Ruizi Fruito      (Russia)
    • Artis-Soyuz contract      (Russia)
    • ILMAR for import and export     (Russia)