Group Profile

Eradah for Investment & Development Group established by a group of investors who have wide and diverse expertise in different areas of business and long experience in managing major companies that work in the local market and multinational companies inside and outside Egypt.

In spite of the novelty of Group’s activity, it has great expertise in fields of agricultural investments and reclamation & development of emerging desert communities especially in Sharq Al Owainat Area in Egypt coping with State plan to reclaim Southern Desert and expand investments volume to include Arab Republic of Egypt at large.

Eng. Osama Abdullatif, the Managing Director and one of the key founders of Group, is one of the first experienced persons and leaders who have operated major projects of desert lands reclamation and cultivation in Sharq Al Owainat Area through establishing and developing legal entities necessary for carrying out these tasks and challenges.

The activity of agricultural investments and land reclamation has the ultimate priority during developing the strategic planning of the Group. Two companies working in this field have been formed:-

Eradah for Investment & Agricultural Development

The Company is incorporated with authorized capital of 50 million Egyptian pounds and source capital of 10 million Egyptian pounds.

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Eradah For Development & Land Reclamation

The Company is incorporated with authorized capital of 100 million Egyptian pounds and source capital of 20 million Egyptian pounds.

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Eradah Misr for Development & Land Reclamation

The new member of Eradah Group for Investment and Development. It is a significant addition to the Group as the Group was aiming at the geographical expansion across Egypt and to have farms establishment near Cairo.

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Development of Group Activities

The Group Management sets strategic objectives upon its incorporation in order to develop its activities, increase the volume of its business per annum and to achieve annual development rates in conformity of the Company’s technical and material capabilities and its vast relations in the Egyptian market. This objective can be achieved through developing ambitious plan that is annually executed by expanding cultivated areas and pumping capital necessary for achieving this development taking into consideration hiring qualified resources to satisfy the requirements of this development. The strategic planning and Group objectives determination is totally clear since its establishment, which reflect on works volume development and workforce available for the Group.

Despite the fact that the Group is adapting the concept of utilizing advanced and latest technologies and methods in different activities, the number of permanent employment of engineers, technicians and administrative employees ranges from 150 to 200 individuals and trained seasonal employment reaches approximately 500 workers.

Group Investment Development

To achieve objectives of development and expansion, the Group Management pumps capital annually to satisfy requirements of this development. The Group investments have been vastly developed in the period from 2011 to 2014, which results to fourfold increase.

Annual Works Volume

As a result of the Group’s management efforts to execute the aimed annual expansion plan through increasing the invested capital, sales number of the Company’s works witnesses increasing development since Group’s incorporation until year 2015 reflecting the Group’s objectives and ambitions towards development. The Group also relies on its long experience in the agricultural field to provide high-quality agricultural products in compliance with local and world standard specifications, the matter that lead multinational factories seek to utilize the Group to supply its products by entering into annual contracts, they are also keen to increase volumes required per annum to make use of the quality of Group’s products otherwise products that are exported annually to the world market through exporters.

Group’s Activities

The main current activity of the Group is in agricultural and land reclamation fields. Activities have been divided pursuant to the concept of specification in each activity and based on its consequences in the availability of skilled and specialized workforce in each activity. The current activities of the Group are as follows:

Agricultural investments:

Represented by the company “Eradah for Investment & Agricultural Development” that shall be mentioned in details.

Desert Lands Reclamation & Development

Represented by the company “Eradah for Development & Land Reclamation” that shall be mentioned in details.

Livestock Development

Currently, there are joined initiatives with respected entities and senior Egyptian university professors for planning, developing and to carry out the Company’s project in the field of livestock breeding and fattening.

A general plan has been developed for constructions and currently executed for this project and agreements has been discussed and signed for buying and supplying high-quality types of livestock whose breeding is suitable for weather conditions in our different farms.

Technical & Investment Counseling

As a result of the accumulated experiences in the Group, a new business line of “Technical & Investment Counseling” has been introduced to provide the investment and technical consultancy in the field of agriculture field and farms establishment as follows:

In Agriculture Field
In respect of technical counseling and advise that we provide for example:

  • Developing integrated plans for agriculture commencing from land commission to harvest.
  • Choosing seeds that are good and suitable for different programs of agriculture.
  • Making fertilizing programs suitable for each condition to obtain the largest and high-quality productivity.
  • Choosing agricultural equipment suitable for the nature of each soil and the time of its usage.
  • Determining agriculture times suitable for each firm under the weather condition of each location.
  • Advising in choosing suitable and high-quality fertilizers and chemicals.

In Land Reclamation & Farms Establishment
In respect of technical counseling and advise that we provide for example:

  • Advising in choosing suitable high-quality lands.
  • Choosing lands suitable for the nature of each crop.
  • Developing technical studies for establishing farms.
  • Developing comprehensive plan for the agricultural projects-constructive and executive.
  • Determining technical specifications of equipment necessary for each project.
  • Advise in choosing equipment suitable for each project by the help of world companies.
  • Managing and supervising project implementation.

Group Suppliers

In view of the Company’s interest to use high-quality types of fertilizers in conformity with global specifications, technical tests necessary for all types of fertilizers and chemicals are conducted to approve its usage, its brochure are also used to determine types and species in conformity with the specifications and globally authorized. We are keen to choose suppliers who meet terms of accreditation as a supplier. So product quality and world quality certificates issued from entities of good- reputation in the local market should be focused on for example:-

  • Yara Agri Trade
  • El Safa For Fertilizers and Chemicals
  • Starchem Industrial
  • Agricmatco
  • Grow Tech For Agricultural Development