Eradah For Investment & Agricultural Development
Sharq Al-Owainat

The company is responsible for investment in the agricultural activities and supply agricultural products for local market and major multinational factories.

General Information about the Company:

Name of Company: Eradah for Investment & Agricultural Development

Headquarter of Company: 28, Al Moltaka Al Araby District, Masaken Sheraton, Cairo

Legal Entity: Egyptian Shareholding Company, 100% Egyptian capital.

Capital: 50 million pounds authorized capital and 10 million pounds source capital.

Company’s Activity: reclaiming and equipping lands with basic facilities that make it suitable for cultivation and reclaimed lands agriculture by using modern irrigation methods.

Commencing date of Activity: 2011

Management of Company:

In spite of the novelty of the company as it established in 2012, the company has wide expertise in fields of farms establishments representing in the experience of board members in infrastructure works. It is managed by Eng. OSAMA ABDULLATIF, the Managing Director, who has accumulated experiences in constructions in Sharq Al Oweinat Area for more than fifteen years enabled him to establish several farms in Sharq Al Owainat that a number of experts of Ministry of Agriculture and other respected concerned entities witness its excellence, high-quality construction and compliance to modern methods of operation. The Managing Director has acquainted this accumulative experience through his work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and he implemented it in Sharq Al Owainat Area in farms he has constructed.

Development of the Company’s Activity:

Cultivated Areas Annually

The company’s activity volume is developing since its incorporation in year 2011 until the present date by doubling the rented areas annually to meet the increasing request of the company’s products for local or foreign market.

The cultivated areas per annum are as follows:

Year Space in Acres
2011 708
2012 1500
2013 2500
2014 3605
2015 4500
2016 5000
2017 7500
2018 10000
2019 10500
2020 14000

Investment Development

To achieve the company’s objectives of development and expansion, the management of the company pumps capital annually to meet the requirements of this development. Having auditing financial statements of the company, the working assets necessary for financing the agricultural activity of the company to double company’s investments is quadrupled during this period in order to cope with the company’s ambitions.

Development of Annual Business Volume

As a result of the company’s management efforts to execute the aimed annual expansion plan through increasing the invested capital and cultivated areas, sales volume of the company’s products witnesses increasing development since company’s incorporation until present date which reflect the company’s objectives and ambitions towards development. The company also relies on its long experience in the agricultural field to provide high-quality agricultural products in compliance with local and world standard specifications, the matter that leads world factories seek to utilize the Company to supply its products by entering into annual contracts, they also are keen to increase quantities required per annum to make use of the quality of company’s products.


The company has entered the field of exporting agricultural crops starting from the season 2016/2017 and we strive to develop external contracts with the company

Quantities exported annually:

Year Exported to Quantity
2016 UAE 400 tons
2017 UAE – Lebanon- Jordan- Russia 16500 tons
2018 UAE-Lebanon- Jordan -Russia-European union countries 8500 tons

The Most Important Agricultures

Winter Season: crop of potato, barley, wheat and onion

Summer Season: peanuts, corn silage, long staple egyptian cotton, super pulp- yellow corn

The company supplies its products in accordance to global specifications. The company achieves its highest productivity of cultivated crops due to the following reasons:

  •  Choosing good seeds
  •  Making fattening program suitable for each crop separately
  •  Good and accurate following up during crop age.
  •  Agriculture at the appropriate times of each crop.

Distinct Yields of Crops

Crop Season Type of Harvest Production per Acre
Winter Potatoes 20 tons
Winter Wheat 3.75 tons
Winter Barley 3 tons
Winter Onions 18 tons
Summer Peanuts 2.2 tons
Summer Pulp seeds 800 kg
Summer Yellow corn 4.5 tons
Summer Corn Silage 22 tons
Summer Long staple Egyptian cotton 12 quintal

The Main Customers of the Company

The company applies scientific standards in agriculture commencing from the choice of land, seeds, fertilizers, chemicals and agricultural equipment to obtain high-quality agricultural products in conformity with the world standards which leads to dealing with world companies in the field of agricultural manufacture and exporting to the world markets, some of our main customers in which the company deals with:

Local Clients

  • Chipsy For Food Industries- PepsiCo
  • The International Company for Agricultural Development – Farm Frites
  • Egypt Foods
  • Olam Dehydro Foods
  • Upper Egypt Mills
  • Owainate Oasis Co.
  • Senorita Co.

Foreign Clients

  • Mandrakos Co.      (Greece)
  • Schaap Holland B.V       (Netherland)
  • DG imports        (UK)
  • Brantina S.L        (Spain)
  • Benu Development GmbH      (Lithuania)
  • Soeyfan      (Lebanon)
  • Ruizi Fruito      (Russia)
  • Artis-Soyuz contract      (Russia)
  • ILMAR for import and export     (Russia)

The Main Suppliers of the Company

In view of the company’s interest to use high-quality types of fertilizers in conformity with the world specifications, technical tests necessary for all types of fertilizers and chemicals are conducted to approve its usage, its brochure are also used to determine types and species in conformity with the specifications and globally authorized. Among suppliers of the company:

  •  Yara Agri Trade
  •  El Safa For Fertilizers and Chemicals
  •  Starchem Industrial
  •  Agricmatco
  •  Grow Tech For Agricultural Development
  • HH trading and consulting (in cooperation with the import of high grade quality potato seeds)


The management of Company has experienced greenhouses in our farms in Sharq Al Owainat. Five greenhouses of 10000 meters have been established. The crops “cucumber, Cantaloupe, colored pepper” have been cultivated. Significant high-quality productivity has been achieved to the local market and there is a plan to expand and introduce more Greenhouse growing products.

The Scale of Employment in the Company

  • A total number of 150 fixed employees designated to engineers, technicians, workers, security and financial and administrative affairs.
  • Daily employment – temporary – from 100 to 150 workers in normal days
  • The size of labor is from 800 to 1000 Seasonal employment during the days of planting and harvesting

Equipment Owned by The Company

The company owns a wide number of agricultural tools and equipment and means of transportation necessary to ensure high automation and advanced methods maintained indifferent phased and activities including but not limited to:

Tractors – Planters – Combine harvesters – Fertilizer broadcasters – Fertilizer Sprinkles – Trailers – Trucks – Electricity Generators