Eradah Misr for Development and Land Reclamation

General Information about the Company:

Name of Company: Eradah Misr for Development and Land Reclamation

Head Office: 28, El MoltakaEl Araby District, Masaken Sheraton, Cairo

Farms Location: Egypt Future Project / Rod El Farag – El Dabaa Axis

Legal Entity: Egyptian Joint -Stock Company with 100% Egyptian capital

Capital: Authorized capital is EGP100.000.000, and the issued and paid capital is EGP 10.000.000

Business Nature: Reclaiming and providing lands with utilities which make it cultivable, and cultivating the reclaimed lands using modern irrigation systems


Development of the Company’s Business:

The Company has studied many of the available plots at Mostakbal Misr Project and had conducted the required studies of soil and water. The Company decided to have two plots of land and the area of each shall be 1000 acres during August 2017. In accordance with work system applied in the Group at establishing new farms including drawing-up the estimated budgets and timeline of the execution, the required financial flows were availed to complete all required works and to successfully to catch up with the winter agricultural season 2017-2018.

Features of the Project:

  1. To be near by the distribution points and export ports and thus the transportation expenses are provided and quality of the products highly assured.
  2. To add new agricultural products, due to the different climate conditions and being near by the markets.
  3. To operate by using the electric supplies, which has several advantages, one of the most important is energy continues coverage and products high quality.
  4. To facilitate the follow-up and field visits, as the farm is near the Company Head Office.
  5. To be near by the maintenance centers and spare part supplies, thus improving time of fixes and maintenance.

Farm Planning:

  • An area of ​​1125 acres was reclaimed with 15 pivot irrigation systems, 75 acres per system, and it has been prepared and cultivated with different kinds of potato.
  • An area of ​​50 acres is allocated for cultivating grapes for the purpose of export.
  • The matter of adding new areas to cultivate olives is being studied and prepared.